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Regulation and Compliance

With increased regulatory requirements from international financial oversight groups, the Cook Islands has created a robust regulatory framework through the Financial Supervisory Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit. Both regulate domestic and international financial entities and activities. The Business Trade Investment Board provides valuable information on business development in the Cook Islands.


Financial Supervisory Commission

The Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) is an independent body responsible for the supervision of regulated financial entities and financial services in the Cook Islands. It is the licensing authority for all financial institutions being banks, insurers, money-changing and remittance businesses and trustee companies. FSC also operates the Registry of International & Foreign Companies, Limited Liability Companies, International Trusts, Foundations, and International Partnerships.


Financial Intelligence Unit

The Cook Islands Financial Intelligence Unit is a specialized government group within FSC created to collect, analyze, and disseminate financial information and intelligence on suspected money laundering, the financing of terrorism activities and other serious offenses to the appropriate authorities in the cook Islands and internationally approved organizations and countries.


Revenue Management Division

Revenue Management's (RMD) role is to administer the tax laws in a fair and equitable manner.  We collect tax on behalf of the Government to help pay for the services that Government provides, such as healthcare services, education, infrastructure, law & order, etc.

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