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Employment Opportunity

The FSDA is recruiting the Chief Executive Officer ("CEO"). The CEO will be a director of the FSDA and will be accountable to the FSDA board. In very general terms the CEO will head up the FSDA executive Authority and will spearhead Government's program for the growth and development of the international financial services industry.

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2014 Trustee Companies Act Release

The Cook Islands Parliament passed the Trustee Companies Act 2014 which will improve the Financial Supervisory Commission's ability to carry out its functions in line with current international standards. The new Act replaces the Trustee Companies Act 1981-82 and puts the Cook Islands in a fully compliant position with respect to regulation of trustee companies.

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Industry News

FSC Online Registry Goes Live

12 December 2011 provided a further cause for celebration outside the normal festive season activities for the staff of the Financial Supervisory Commission. This date represented the culmination of almost twelve months of hard work as the on-line registry system they had been working to implement went live.

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